Common Questions

1. Do you offer showers or a locker room?   No, we do not offer showers or locker rooms.  We have cubbies in our lobby area to stash your stuff during your workout.  We provide sweat towels for use during your workout.

2. Do you have open gym times?  At this time, no, we do not offer open gym times, but may in the future.  Currently the gym is only open when a group fitness class is in session.

3. Are kids welcome? Do you have childcare? Minors ages 14+ can participate in any class.  The addition of "family" classes is being considered, so keep an eye on the schedule for times when you may bring kids 7+.  We do not provide childcare.  At this time, there is NOT a secure area for kids under 14 to wait while parents attend class.  We are looking into options for the future, but at this time we kindly request parents not bring children under age 14.

4. I've not exercised in years.  Will I be able to handle this?  Yes! All our programs are led by trained instructors that can help you modify the workout to meet you exactly where you are.

5. Can I sign up and pay online? What about registering for classes? Yes!! You may sign up for monthly memberships and "punch card" passes.  See our Pricing Page for more details.  Once you are a member you may "check-in" to classes in advance.

6. Is there an app? Yes! Metrick Fitness uses a system called Triib.  Apps for iOS and Android can be found in your app store (the logo is a black square with a red cube.  Triib, Inc. is the developer).  At this time, the app allows you to check into classes in advance and see the current schedule.  However, you CANNOT make purchases through the app.  You may do that through a computer at  https://metrick-fitness.triib.com/signup/  or contact Stephanie at stephanie@metrickfitness.com.

More questions? Contact us at info@metrickfitness.com or 317.410.4608