On and Offsite options available


In order to comply with social distancing guidelines set forth by the state and local governments, we are going to limit class attendance to 9 members.  Schedule will be as follows:

  • 6am HIIT -- Monday - Friday
  • 9:30 HIIT -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 9:30 Indoor Cycle -- Tuesday, Thursday
  • Evenings and Saturday mornings: Every 20 minutes there will be 3 workout spaces opened up in order to prevent congregating in common areas and still allow as many people as possible to workout.  On the schedule you will see hour long time slots which you can reserve.  You will be allowed to enter your workout space at the start of your reserved time, and will have one hour to complete your workout, clean and sanitize all your equipment and exit, to allow the next person to use that workout space.  Time slots will begin on weekdays at 4:40pm and Saturdays at 8:40am.
  • Virtual workout via Zoom: MFit will offer workouts via Zoom Monday-Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Please see membership options for more information and pricing.

Current Class schedule